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How we work?

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Clinical stays Andorra

The clinical stays consist of:

  1. Optometric examination and diagnosis

  2. Between 1-4 sessions of vision therapy to explore the abilities of the child

  3. Arrange therapy program at home

They can be done in the center in 2-4 days depending on the visual therapy sessions that are carried out

Clinical stays at your center

In the event that there is a minimum number of patients at a center in another country or city, we could consider the option of traveling ourselves and organizing the clinical stay, conducting all the necessary evaluations. Please check availability and conditions.

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online consultations

Online consultations serve to address doubts, present a case for evaluating potential prognosis, and understand how the entire process can be carried out in each specific case. We can also offer assistance and guidance to other professionals who may have questions or need support in treating a particular case


If you think we can help you, don't hesitate to contact us.

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