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Hello, I'm Núria Risco, an experienced optometrist and vision therapist with over two decades of dedicated practice. Initially focused on addressing learning disabilities in children, my professional journey took an intriguing turn towards neurology. Over the past decade, my specialization has evolved, particularly in addressing visual challenges in children with cerebral palsy and delving into clinical posturology. My profound commitment lies in providing optometric solutions for individuals facing significant neurological conditions, aiming to optimize their visual capabilities. To achieve this, I am unwaveringly committed to continuous learning and staying updated on advancements in the field. My overarching mission is clear: to enhance lives through innovative optometric interventions.


Professional with more than 20 years of experience in optometry and vision therapy.

  • Diploma in Optics and Optometry from the UPC. 

  • Master's Degree in Optometry and Vision Science from the University of Manchester.

  • Specialised in Neurocognitive Vision Therapy, trained with Dr. Robert Sanet, accredited by the UPC of Catalonia in collaboration with the Pacific University College of Optometry.

  • Primitive Reflex and TMR therapist.

  • Specialist in Optometric Phototherapy Syntonics

  • Specialist in the SVTA method of sports vision

  • Specialist in Central Auditory Processing and Berard Method Auditory Re-education

  • Trained in Optometric Posturology at the Villeneve School.

  • Since 2002 she has run the Rial Centre in Andorra la Vella, collaborating since 2009 with the psychologist Margarita Albós.

  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and some Italian.

This is my website of general optometric services

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